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Bladen County


Cape Fear Valley Hospice

1830 Owen Drive
Suite 203

Fayetteville, NC  28304

A: (910) 609-6710
R: (910) 609-6710
F: (910) 609-5079

Administrator: Carole Baggett

Medicare Certified: Yes

Coordinator: Sharon Mathis

Accredited By: TJC

Referral: Sharon Mathis

Website: www.lhcgroup.com

Services: Hospice Care/Services

Community Home Care & Hospice

2800 Breezewood Avenue
Suite 100

Fayetteville, NC  28303-5282

A: (910) 323-9816
R: (910) 323-9816
F: (877) 564-5520

Administrator: Yvette Whitmore

Medicare Certified: Yes

Coordinator: Yvette Whitmore

Accredited By: ACHC

Referral: Yvette Whitmore

Website: www.curohs.com

Services: Hospice Care/Services

Lower Cape Fear Hospice

116 W Broad Street
Elizabethtown, NC  28337

A: (910) 862-3111
R: (800) 207-6908
F: (910) 862-3148

Administrator: Gwen Whitley

Medicare Certified: Yes

Coordinator: N/A

Accredited By: ACHC

Referral: Selena Boyette

Website: www.hospiceandlifecarecenter.com

Services: Lower Cape Fear Hospiceis a nonprofit agency that provides healthcare and comfort to people with advanced illnesses; support and counseling to families; and education to the community. All services are provided without regard of race, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, diagnosis/infectious disease, religious beliefs, disability, ability to pay and resuscitation status. LCFH’s Begin the Conversation program encourages everyone to Begin the Conversation about advance care planning.

Pruitt Health Hospice - Fayetteville

2944 Breezewood Avenue
Suite 102
Fayetteville, NC  28303

A: (884) 276-1591
R: (884) 276-1591
F: (910) 483-4315

Administrator: Karen Thompson

Medicare Certified: Yes

Coordinator: Karen Ennis

Accredited By: N/A

Referral: Nancy Davis

Website: www.pruitthealth.com

Services: Hospice Care/Services

Southeastern Hospice

1100 Pine Run Drive
Lumberton, NC  28358

A: (910) 671-5655
R: (910) 671-5655
F: (910) 671-6450

Administrator: Vickie Atkinson

Medicare Certified: Yes

Coordinator: Cathy Hardee

Accredited By: ACHC

Referral: Sabrina Scott

Website: N/A

Services: Hospice Care Services, Bereavement Counseling, Chaplain Services, In-Home Aide, Medical Social Worker, Nursing Services, Palliative Care, Volunteer Services, Hospice In-Patient Unit (12 beds)

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