The "Home Health Patient Assessment Tool

Preparing for Emergency Triage," reviews existing patient categorization tools and presents a new model patient risk assessment tool. The new tool will allow home care agencies, hospitals, and emergency planners to anticipate the needs of community-dwelling patients and assess who might be most at risk of hospitalization if their traditional home support services are disrupted during an emergency.

Link to the Report Tool
Data Sources for the At-Risk Community-Dwelling Patient Population The compendium of resources available in "Data Sources for the At-Risk Community-Dwelling Patient Population," provides a summary of each data resource, including its strengths and limitations for estimating the numbers of community-dwelling patients at risk during an MCE, as well as any areas of overlap with other data resources. Read the Report

Home Care Agency Emergency Preparedness Handbook

The Association for Home and Hospice Care of North Carolina is pleased to be able to offer you this free handbook to aid you in preparing your agency, staff and patients for disaster. This opportunity has been afforded us through a grant from the NC Division of Facility Services and by working directly with the State Office of Emergency Management.
The goals we have tried to accomplish within the pages of this handbook are as follows:

  • An outline for preparing your own disaster plan.
  • The necessary forms/examples for completing your disaster plan
  • A learning module for Certified Nursing Assistants
  • Local EMS contact information to aid you in communicating with your local EMS personnel
Handbook Download
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The Ultimate Family Survival Guide

The Ultimate Family Survival Guide provides: immediate guidance for each member of the family for a specific disaster; peace of mind; easy to use reference guides; color coordinated step by step instructions; organized tools to document planning for the whole family.

Survival Guide
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FDA Booklet: Home Use Devices: How to Prepare for Handle Power Outages for Medical Devices that Require Electricity

This FDA booklet serves as a tool for use by patients using devices that require electricity in the development of a plan to ensure that they know what to do during a power outage.

Link to FDA Booklet

Pandemic Flu Resources

Specific Home Care info related to Pandemic Flu

Gives explicit role of Home Care during outbreak Link to Pandemic Flu Resources

Pandemic Flu: The Role of Home Care


This powerpoint presentation gives a general information related to Pandemic Influenza and the role of Home Care Authored by: Barbara Citarella

      Download PDF

Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

Powerpoint presentation of general information about Pandemic Influenza and relavant information related to North Carolina. Authored by the North Carolina Public Health, Surveillance Team 4 Presentation
      Download PDF

Infection Control Guidelines for Health Care Workers

This guidance applies to all healthcare personnel (e.g. employees, students, contractors, attending clinicians, and volunteers) whose activities involve contact with patients. Presentation
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CMS Disaster Preparedness Resources

CMS  Survey & Cert. Emergency Preparedness

“One stop shopping” for emergency preparedness info. Has links to other resources & websites

Public Health Emergency FAQ-All Hazards CMS Survey & Cert. (S&C) developed FAQ to address allowable deviations from provider S & C requirements during a declared public health disaster. FAQ's Download
      Download PDF

NC Disaster Preparedness Resources and Links




The North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services

This site will give information about our own state EMS

A Disaster Information Center by the North Carolina State Cooperative Extension

The information at this site includes readiness and recovery information

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Disaster Preparedness

An array of topics such as, “What to do before, during and after a storm or flood;” Cleanup for homeowners and businesses, health care professionals and more

Ready North Carolina Disaster

A directory with topics such as Shelter in place, evacuate, emergency kit, first aid, utilities, food and water, and other information on specific types of disasters.

North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Preparedness information for consumers and care providers; contains suggestions for Emergency Kit

Public Health Preparedness Training Website

A website offering training modules on topics such as surveillance, bioterrorism, disease agents. You may receive free CEUs.

Home Care Agency

Solinet Preservation Services Leaflets

A summary of the main components of a disaster preparedness plan

A complete Disaster Preparedness Handbook prepared by Washington Military Dept., and Washington State Dept. of Health

This handbook includes preparedness for a wide range of disaster events.

Personal and Family Disaster Preparedness Resources

Charity Wire is a disaster preparedness focusing on animals

Information to help you prepare your animals for disaster.

Ready America, A part of Homeland Security

Has checklist for emergency supply list, state EMS information

Four steps to a family disaster plan

These sites cover four inclusive steps to putting together a family disaster plan.

Special Needs Disaster Preparedness Information

Full Circle of Care Disaster Preparedness for Caregivers

Caregivers must prepare for disaster too. They need to prepare for the person they are caring for as well as themselves. This site has a wide range of helpful information to aid in getting prepared for disaster.

Disaster Preparedness Tips for People with Disabilities

A wide range of tips on disaster for people with disabilities

Disaster Preparedness for People with Special Needs

This is an informative website with ideas related to preparing you or someone you care for with special needs for disaster

A step by step checklist for disaster preparedness—easy reading and large print

This gives explicit directions for having supplies ready for disaster

Information on preparedness for diabetics

These sites provide insightful and useful information on how and what diabetics need to do to prepare for disaster


Disaster Preparedness info. Related to How To get Ready for a Disaster

Information on how to prepare for the unexpected. Instructions on how to shelter in place, preparedness tips, Family, business, and pet preparedness

American Red Cross Information

Information on disaster preparedness for all members of our population are on this site. How to keep safe during specific types of disaster; coloring books for children to aid in learning important safety information

Disaster Help for those who have been in a disaster

This is a federal site that will assist victims of a disaster in finding the resources they need.

Emergency Preparedness Packet for HH agencies NAHC has prepared the necessary forms for developing a disaster plan for your agency

Download Packet
      Download PDF

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