NC New Organizational Vision Award (NC NOVA)

NC NOVA is a voluntary special state license that recognizes workplace excellence in Home Care Agencies, Adult Care Homes and Nursing Facilities as a way to provide better care for our loved ones.

NC NOVA (the North Carolina New Organizational Vision Award) is the first program of its kind in the country.  NC NOVA rewards Home Care Agencies, Adult Care Homes and Nursing Facilities for meeting comprehensive, rigorous standards for their direct care workers (paraprofessional staff; in Home Care this means all levels of In-home aides- CNA’s, personal care aides, etc).

The next step of the partner team is to work on increased reimbursement through Medicaid for agencies or facilities who have obtained the NC NOVA licensure status. The preliminary work for this has begun.

The standards that need to be met for the enhanced licensure status through DHSR are identified in a provider manual at the NC NOVA website at

The NC NOVA website also provides many resources, tools, etc. in order for agencies to assess their readiness for the standards to be met through policies and procedures that are put into place. Many agencies may already have many of the policies and procedures that provide a better workplace for your In-home aide staff already in place. On the website you can review presentations from Home Care agencies who already have obtained the NC NOVA licensure status.

Once the agency has met the standards and applies for review, they are reviewed by the Carolina Centers for Medical Excellence (CCME) - much like an accreditation review to ensure they have met the standards for NC NOVA. Once the review is complete and it is determined that the agency has met the NC NOVA requirements, the enhanced licensure award is given by DHSR and is in effect for two years until re review is warranted.

The contact person from the Better Jobs Better Care ( NC NOVA) partner team for Home Care agencies is :  Kathie Smith, RN, Director of Quality Initiatives and State Liaison, AHHC of NC and can be reached at 919-848-3450 or

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