The Association continues to work diligently to provide its members the critical information needed to re-engineer their agencies, streamline operations, reduce costs, and develop new product lines and revenue sources while ensuring their patients continue to receive the highest quality of care possible. This area of AHHC's website is designed to announce events and workshops, or to provide educational resources for use within your organization to help you stay ahead of the curve. AHHC Members Save 10% on the Most Popular Coding Resources & Exams!

The Association for Home & Hospice Care of North Carolina is an approved provider of continuing nursing education by the North Carolina Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.

Below is a list of AHHC's latest educational offerings. To view program descriptions, dates and locations, or to download registration forms click on the specific event.

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Convenient Online Education

ICD-9 Coding 1: Introduction

This course is a great beginning to ICD-9-CM coding through an introduction to the ICD-9-CM Coding Manual. This course will highlight the three volumes of the coding manual, common conventions for coding that you must know, and a guide to the abbreviations and directions that help you select the correct code.

ICD-9 Coding 2: Principles

This course will acquaint the new ICD-9-CM coder with some of the key principles involved in coding. In the first course, ICD-9 Coding 1: Introduction, participants learned basic coding information. This course builds on that information. Didactic information as well as mini case examples provide the participant with a basic foundation for ICD-9-CM coding. Some topics of the session include: general coding guidelines, multiple coding guidelines, etiology/manifestation situations, coding acute and chronic conditions, use of symptom codes, coding fractures, determining the primary and other codes, and the basics for sequencing codes.


  • Explain the purpose of coding
  • Perform a comprehensive assessment and reference appropriate documents for data collection
  • List diagnosis codes in order according to sequencing guidelines
  • Identify characteristics of the different coding situations

It is the NC Law... Infection Control Workshop for Home Care and Hospice

This on-line education is designed to provide participants with information on the principles and practices of infection control. This education is also planned to assist your agency in meeting the requirements of the North Carolina Infection Control Law - 10A NCAC 41A.0206.

The updated slides and handouts are available for your use at

The course is available on-line through SPICEducation at a cost of $150 (by credit card). Register for the on-line course at this link:


Hospice Aide Education

S.N.A.P. Packets for Hospice

Home Care / Home Health Aide Teleconferences

The Aide's Role in HIPAA
ATeleconference February 12, 2015

This workshop will focus on assisting your In-Home Aides in understanding HIPAA and confidentiality guidelines. This workshop will offer practical tips to ensure that the para-professional adheres to the required privacy standards. Also included: the impact of social media such as Facebook, My Space, YouTube and cell phones, text messages, etc.

Working with Clients with Congestive Heart Failure
A Teleconference March 12, 2015

Heart failure affects nearly 6 million Americans. Roughly 670,000 people are diagnosed with heart failure each year. It is the leading cause of hospitalization in people older than 65. Heart failure will most likely be one of the top chronic conditions in the client population you serve. This teleconference will cover the anatomy of the heart and what happens to the heart in heart failure, how heart failure affects a person's day-to-day functioning and how you can assist your clients in managing this chronic condition.

Pain Management
A Teleconference April 9, 2015

Our world is aging. The elder population may falsely believe that because they are aging that pain is a normal part of living and is therefore not reported or managed. Since the majority of our patients seen in the home are elderly, this teleconference will provide an overview of symptoms the aide may observe and the aide's role in providing care to those patients experiencing pain.

Knowing When to Call for Help
A Teleconference May 14, 2015

The movie has just started. A ship is sinking off the coast of Florida. The ship's Captain is calling out over the radio – Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! The Coast Guard arrives in time, the crew is saved and the movie has a happy ending. Did you know that this international distress signal comes from the French word meaning "come help me?" Aides often find themselves afloat on the high seas of home care and need to call for help. This teleconference will assist the aides in sorting through how to respond and when - as they deal with various patient scenarios.

Working with Clients with Dementia
A Teleconference June 11, 2015

Dementia is an illness that affects the brain and eventually causes a person to lose the ability to perform daily self-care. Alzheimer's disease is the most common type of dementia and is a devastating condition that results in the loss of memory and other cognitive abilities and in the ability to care of oneself independently. This teleconference will provide an overview of Alzheimer's and dementia and the aide's role in providing care to their clients with dementia.


Professional Webinars & Teleconferences

OASIS-C1 Basics
A Five-Part Teleconference Series

Part One: February 26, 2015
This teleconference will cover the OASIS data collection requirements, general conventions, and CMS resources. The Patient Tracking, Clinical Record items, and OASIS credentialing opportunities will be discussed.

Part Two: March 5, 2015
This teleconference will cover the Discharge Patient History & Diagnoses, Living Arrangements, Sensory Status items

Part Three: March 12, 2015
This teleconference will cover the Integumentary Status and Respiratory items,

Part Four: March 19, 2015
This teleconference will cover the Cardiac Status, Elimination Status, Neuro/Emotional/Behavioral Status, and the ADL/IADL items.

Part Five: March 26, 2015
This teleconference will cover the Medication, Care Management, Therapy Need, Plan of Care/Intervention Synopsis, Emergent Care, and Discharge items.

Medicare Part B
Thursday, February 12, 2015 from 1-2:30 pm

Therapy services can be provided in the home setting under Medicare Part A and Part B. Over the last several years, use of Part B Therapy in the home and ALF settings has increased raising questions about what makes it different than therapy under Part A. This session will work through the similarities and clear differences in providing therapy under both programs and address specific concerns raised regarding skilled therapy services in the ALF setting.

Creating Your Seat at the Table for Chronic Disease Management
A Teleconference April 8, 2015 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. EST

This workshop is designed to help agencies understand concepts associated with care transitions, state and national efforts around care transitions and hospital penalties for readmissions. Come explore the home care agency role in falls prevention, medication management, and nutrition as well as the in-home aides' role in observing, recording and reporting observations related to chronic disease management.


Professional Workshops

Hospice QAPI and Quality Reporting
March 10, 2015 AHHC – Raleigh, NC

The Association for Home & Hospice Care of North Carolina is pleased to present Hospice QAPI and Quality Reporting. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services have hospices on a fast-track for the Hospice Quality Reporting Program implementation. In 2014 hospices completed the latest round of quality measure reporting, began implementing the Hospice Item Set, and now in 2015 must begin preparing for the CAHPS survey all while continuing to meet the QAPI requirements that are specified in the Medicare Conditions of Participation. This workshop will review the requirements for your QAPI program, the timeline and components of the quality reporting program, and discuss the components of the Hospice Item Set and the CAHPS Survey. You do not want to miss this workshop!!!

Hospice: The Heart of the Matter
March 11, 2015 AHHC Offices | Raleigh, NC

The Association for Home & Hospice Care of North Carolina is pleased to present Hospice: The Heart of the Matter. The goal of this session is to assist hospice staff in obtaining a better understanding of the hospice benefit and the regulations and payer requirements that impact hospice agencies. This class will provide an overview of hospice for either the new hospice employee or individuals seeking a refresher course.

Hospice & Palliative Care Nurse Certification Review
March 18 & 19, 2015 AHHC | Raleigh, NC

This Very Affordable 2-Day Course, also providing nurse contact hours, will focus on hospice and palliative principles related to nursing care for patients with life-limiting illnesses. The course has been developed to help Registered Nurses prepare for the National Board for Certification of Hospice and Palliative Nurses certification exam. The curriculum also is beneficial for any nurse working in hospice, home health, oncology or other settings who are caring for patients with end stage disease processes.


Audio Aide Training for Home Care / Home Health

S.N.A.P. - Superior Nurse Aide Performance

In-home aides play a vital role in serving the nations ill, disabled, and aging populations. Often having the most contact with patients, these individuals are usually closer to their patients than any other home care discipline making them uniquely qualified to meet the challenges they face. And, no matter what programs your aides work in, an investment in their learning pays off in quality care and better risk management for your agency. As you know, Medicare Conditions of Participation require that home health aides accrue a minimum of twelve hours of training every twelve months. Other federal and state laws also mandate training. These requirements may be difficult to achieve. The Caring Connection audio conferences and aide training modules are an efficient, effective way to provide your aides with the knowledge they need while keeping your agency training costs low!



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